Why customer experience and a conversation-first approach will determine your brand perception

COVID-19 was (and still is) a social game-changer: it threatens human interaction, it jeopardizes our lives through instilling fear, it strikes at the heart of what makes us human. Hugging, kissing, and shaking hands are, for many of us, a nostalgic memory. …

On branding, typography and UX design.

This article is part of the interview for UX Pin with Katerzyna Kempa.

As you may have seen, so many predictions have been shared on the web for this new year.
Although the general scare caused by the spread of COVID-19, I am still very…

4 brand lessons for startups

Throughout my career, I have worked for many established companies. Mostly, this work has involved redesigning their brand through a detailed analysis of their current strategies, or tracking their products and users to formulate a better approach to reach a bigger and/or more suitable market.

However, the imagination and consistency…

The design process behind the book, The Power of Digital Policy by Kristina Podnar

For the vast majority of companies and brands, digital policies have become an increasingly important issue — particularly following the introduction of the long-dreaded GDPR regulation in Europe. …

The Basic Principles of Successful Branding.

This blog post is inspired by my live session at the Inner Circle Expert Session on Thursday 6th September 2018.

For the past 7 years, I have been helping established companies and startups define their brand. During our first meeting, I always ask one important question, ‘what is a brand?’.

Pixpro is a Swedish company based in Stockholm with a strong technology, sales and marketing background delivering marketing automation and creating custom portal solutions for their clients. The company has recently undergone big changes and has begun new — and quite successful — international partnerships.

Today Pixpro is one of…

Chiara Aliotta

Founder and Art Director of Until Sunday. She has many years of experience in brand development. In 2016 she launched her new adventure, The Pattern Tales.

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